Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another perfect fall day

As the folks at the Chicago 'thon battled through some frigid windy conditions it was a sunny 66F day here. Everyone I was tracking at Chicago did pretty well. I guess it's easier to overcome colder conditions than heat...

I decided to run for 2 hours and see how much ground I could cover. Ended up with 14.5 miles. So atleast I should be able to finish my half in a couple of weeks though it might be a PW...

Observation of the day: There were a lot of colorful caterpillars crawling about on the trail. Do they transition from caterpillars to butterfiles in fall? That would seem odd. I managed to avoid the ones in my way. However, with the trail filled with walkers, runners and bikers there were many squished 'pillars. I noticed a lady trying to guide a 'plillar safely across the trail...


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