Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bailed out of Victoria, signed up for RNR Arizona half

After going back and forth on this all week I finally decided to skip Victoria. I had gone into HTC with niggles along my fibula, tibia and my calf on my left leg. HTC aggraved these quite a bit (I knew running HTC might end up costing me my fall marathon. I think it was worth it since I was not in marathon PR shape and this was the 25th anniversary of HTC!).

After analyzing the MRI for my left leg, my doc told me that while I didn't have a stress fracture, I wasn't too far off from getting one. He suggested that it would be wise for me to ease up on training and let my leg heal.

Even after easing up on running I could have finished Victoria but what would have been the point? I instead signed up for the R&R Arizona Half. I've dug out my Pfitzinger-Douglas book. The 24/55 plan looks like what I need for my Spring marathon. This would be structured, keep me in check and give me time to do stuff other than running.


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