Saturday, August 19, 2006

Custom Orthodics

I learnt to my surprise at a Vermont City Marathon seminar, a couple of years back, that ninety percent of runners have biomechanical imperfections. It is only a matter of enough stress being applied over time for these imperfections to show up. I visited an orthopedist three weeks back and he recommended that I get custom orthodics to correct the imperfections in my gait. Luckily, these were covered in full by my insurance since at $400 a pair they are kind of expensive.

I ran a 20 miler today to break into the orthodics on the Lake Sammamish trail. They felt really weird at the beginning but seemed to get more comfortable towards the end of the run. These fiberglass orthodics are supposed to last for years so it looks like I'll be running many more miles on them!


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