Sunday, July 23, 2006

Swedish SummeRun, Bite of Seattle, Week's wrap-up

Swedish Summerun, Seattle

I had signed up for the Swedish SummeRun in spite of the fact that I had gotten in 16 miles the day before and run 12 straight days without a rest day. Also, I only came to know after the race that this is the most difficult 10k in Seattle. The winning time was only 37min+ & 2nd 39 min+! The sunny day in the mid-70s only added to it but for a 10k I guess that is not too bad. Well, I concluded that I am not in the shape I was last fall for my marathon PR and right now the hills here are killing me. I intend to add a hill workout every week.

Avg HR-175, Max HR-185
Weather: 77F, 54%
AG: 5/28
Male: 32/192
OA: 42/453
Total Ascent: 480ft, Decent: 525ft
mile 1: 6:57 (163) A: 42ft, D: 69ft
mile 2: 7:26 (177) A: 63ft, D: 69ft
mile 3: 6:58 (173) A: 7ft, D: 212ft
mile 4: 8:28 (178) A: 176ft, D: 12ft
mile 5: 7:54 (178) A: 119ft, D: 40ft
mile 6: 7:13 (177) A: 65ft, D: 112ft
mile .2: 1:36 (180) A: 6ft, D: 10ft

Bite of Seattle

After the race I headed to the Bite of Seattle. It was pretty neat with a diverse range of cuisine in the food stalls. Apart from the free stuff I treated myself to some Hawaiian and some Cajun food. I spend most of my time at the Comedy Club. I have been to comedy shows at Improv Boston & Improv Asylum but this is the first time I got to see individual comedy acts. The comedians on display were: Mike Moto, Duane Goad, Debbie Wooten, Pete Johansson, Chas Elstner & Derrick Cameron. I found Duane, Pete and Derrick to be absolutely hilarious.

Week's wrap-up

M- 7.25 @ 8:16
T- 5.31 @ 7:31 (10-3-10 tempo)
W- 13.21 @ 8:26
T- 7.35 @ 8:09
F- 5.30 @ 8:29
S- 16.05 @ 8:39
S- 0.36 @ 9:01 & 10k @ 7:30
Tot: 61 @ 8:17

This is exactly what I had planned for the week. I intend to stay in the 55-70 mpw range for the weeks heading up to the marathon.


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