Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A nice run & Spammers

I was so tired at the end of the workday that I felt like lying down and going to sleep. I did not feel like heading out for a run in the 80Fs. I finally convinced myself to head out even if it were only for a short run. By the end of the run it had cooled down and I actually enjoyed the run. I got in my 13.5 planned miles. It was amazing to see the sun set across the Cascades & Mt.Rainier. I got to see a bunch of ducklings following their mom. Finally, towards the end I saw a deer run by in Marymoor Park. As usual my run had left me energized for the rest of the night!

Well, my blog had started attracting the attention of spammers. It's a good thing Google/blogger have tools to prevent their automated spamming & allows for comment moderation. This should take care of them once and for all. I wonder how some people have nothing better to do than waste their time spamming an inconsequential blog...


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