Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hot Hot Hot!!!

I set my alarm at 4am in an attempt to avoid the record temperatures (98F max which is unusually HOT for the Seattle area). I finally started on my run by 6:15am by when it had already gotten to 78F (and reached 81F by the end of my run). It was really lucky that there was a cloud cover throughout my run else things might have gotten ugly. I did get in my 16 planned miles at 8:40 min/mile odd pace. My average HR was 154 (my max HR is 200) so it was in my normal long run range. Of course I was glad to get this run out of the way without much of a struggle.

Surprisingly I noticed only a couple of runners on the trail when I started. There was a wise runner who was done with his run by the time I was getting started. A lot of folks were getting started when I was finishing - either they were going to get in short runs or they would "enjoy" the beach weather.

After the run I headed to my company picnic - unlimited free food, booze and music. Life is good :)


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