Thursday, July 27, 2006

First Hill w/o of the training cycle

I located a nice hill in an apartment complex near Marymoor park. It was on a well-paved road with very few cars coming into the complex - ideal for a hill workout! Some of the people roaming about were quite mystified - why would anyone intentionally run up and down such a steep hill? A couple even stopped kissing to check out what I was upto.

The workout:
6*200m repeats
ascent: 1:39,1:36,1:38,1:37,1:37,1:39,1:40,1:41,1:39,1:41,1:44
decent: 1:36, 1:38,1:47,1:47,1:47,1:47,1:44,1:49,1:50,1:44,1:48

Total ascent: 1535ft
Total decent: 1391ft
Max HR: 184


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