Saturday, July 08, 2006

9 more hours...

It's time to head to bed to try and get some sleep before the race. Luckily, I slept well the last two nights and that's what counts on race day. It's a 7 am start so I'll try to wake up around 4 am and head out by 5:45 am.

I met up with Cindy and Donna at the expo. We stood and chatted for about an hour about races and stuff. Weren't we supposed to stay off our feet the day before the marathon?

I also made it to the two seminars they had on. In the first one a Bellevue marathoner who is very familiar with the course walked us through it. According to him there are 10 inclines and 3 hills on the course. What is the difference between an incline and a hill? He said it was more a matter of personal perception. So it's not exactly a PR course. Besides we are heading for a warm race day. The forecast predicts a starting temperature of 60F with a finish temperature of around 68F. Luckily humidity won't be a factor and it might be cloudy. In the second seminar a 2:16 marathoner gave some racing tips. On pacing he said that he still hadn't figured out how to get his message through to the folks he coaches. He has spent so much time going over strategy but when the race starts they just go out too fast (I can relate to that happening in my first marathon - the "feel so good" effect).

The race energy drink is Gleukos. That's something I have never tried and will be trying for the first time at the race. Smart strategy eh :) Well, I think I have a decent tolerance to these things so I should hopefully be fine. I haven't tried the Cliff Bloks that I will be using for the race either but I have heard that they are more palatable than the Cliff Shots I normally use. I tried a couple at the expo and they seem pretty harmless.

Another thing I am concerned about is that the marathon course merges with the half-marathon walk course at mile 20 so that could be akward. If I were walking a half-marathon I would like to walk 5-6 abreast with my buddies. That would mean that the marathoners will have to swerve around them at a time when the marathon runners would be pretty spent.

More after the race...


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